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Help with RouterOs OSPF example

Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:34 pm

Hi, I'm starting to test OSPF, so I searched for OSPF on website.
I found an example, and I'm trying to make this network:


inthis example: ... otfound=6&

I know is an old example, but to start I hope it will work......

My doubt is this: if I ping "main_gw" or "to_peer1" from OSPF_peer_1 it works, so I suppose OSPF make the routing operations.
I'm using RB750 devices, so if I want to connect my PC to OSPF_peer_1 on third ethernet port (let's suppose eth3 IP addres would be, how can I do to configure RB750 to work correctly with my PC (

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