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mangling/shaping traffic over local network (streaming)

Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:04 am


I have an RB2011 at home which is working as a 2.4GHz AP. I also have a 5GHz AP, bridged, for clients that work on 5GHz.

On the 2.4GHz AP, I have two troublesome things:
1) An 802.11G Airport Express music streaming client, and
2) Two 802.11G IP cameras (MJPEG, so use about 2mbps each)

On the 5GHz AP there are just laptops and newer smartphones. These devices occasionally will want to stream to the Airport Express.
Problem is that when streaming, the music is very choppy and will start and stop, skip, etc. Not very nice!

I would very much like some tips or advice on how to implement some traffic handling/shaping so that I can prioritise traffic sent to the Airport Express client, to make sure it's uninterrupted. Most of the documentation I've read just explains how to do something, not what is best or why. I haven't been able to identify the ports that the airport express uses,

The RB2011 is handing all routing and all the interfaces are bridged.
Simple network map attached, as well as a screencap of Torch running on my master switch port, matching for UDP traffic with the dest of the airport express client (running Torch on the bridge didn't produce any traffic). I'm streaming music from

Many thanks.
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