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sample configuration

Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:34 pm

I want to configure an rb751u-2hnd from a .rsc file to simplify replication to several routers.

Unfortunately, I've unsuccessfully tried to create a simple default configuration. Here are the steps I used:
  • Installed default configuration (by pressing reset switch)
  • run "export compact file=A" (file attached)
  • run "/system reset-configuration run-after-reset=A.rsc"
This bricks the router - no longer accessible over any interface. I've never got "winbox enter via mac" working (no mac addresses listed after pressing [...], no matter how I connect to the router - cable to ether2 or wifi).

Running "/system reset-configuration" gives the same result - the router is inaccessible.

From reading the forum I gather that others had problems with run-after-reset, yet from some posts I conclude that some must have been successful in replacing the default configuration (e.g. being able to use ip addresses that differ from the default,

Perhaps there is a different (simpler?) procedure to customize these routers with configuration files. All input is appreciated!
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Re: sample configuration

Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:48 pm

Running "/system reset-configuration" gives the same result - the router is inaccessible.
Silly question, but is your Ethernet cable plugged into ether1? If so, try again in one of ether2 to ether5.
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