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Aggregate bandwidth using a server in a datacenter?

Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:31 am

|           HOME            |                    |  DATACENTER  |
+---------------------------+                    +--------------+
|                           |                    |              |
|                           |                    |              |

                      /     ║                    ║
╔══════╗     ╔════════╗ ISP2║                    ║DAT1 ╔════════╗
║Switch║-----║RouterOS║-----║      INTERNET      ║-----║RouterOS║
╚══════╝     ╚════════╝     ║                    ║     ╚════════╝
                      \ ISP3║                    ║

| CONN |    DOWN    |     UP     |
| ISP1 |  16 MBit/s |   1 MBit/s |
| ISP2 |  16 MBit/s |   1 MBit/s |
| ISP3 |  16 MBit/s |   1 MBit/s |
| DAT1 | 100 MBit/s | 100 MBit/s |

at home I've got three separate connections to the internet and I've also got a server at a datacenter nearby. I've used Zeroshell before to bond OpenVPN connections to the server and bridge the bond on the server side. But OpenVPN got a huge overhead and the throughput of the bonding was all but perfect. Like my expectation was to achieve 40-48 MBit/s downstream, but actually got like 18-20 MBit/s. Zeroshell is a nice toy to play with, but now I wanted to go serious with RouterOS.

What would be the "RouterOS way" to do this?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Aggregate bandwidth using a server in a datacenter?

Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:00 am

but make sure the links you are bonding have similar latencies because routeros afaik does not have Intelligent Delay-Managed Packet Queuing and Flow Sequence Recovery Engine.
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Re: Aggregate bandwidth using a server in a datacenter?

Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:05 am

Yes, it works - did that until some months ago, now all my infrastructure is in our server room.

THAT SAID: performance will vary as packets can arrive out of order. It will be a LOT better than nothing, obviously, but it will be tricky to get full speed because Mikrotik's one "religious we do not do it" comes up here. The two religiously ignored issues are Hyper-V support and.... MLPPP server side support. Without MLPPP you have no proper packet ordering and you will get a LOT of mangle scripts set up.

Also the connection is a little unstable as "one line down" either means very complex scripts or - loss of packets. So, have good uptime on all connections.

I used 3x6mbit down from the data center and it was ok.
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Re: Aggregate bandwidth using a server in a datacenter?

Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:30 pm

please i need help on an issue ,we tried doing a link aggregation with a cloud core router ( 15Mb and 45Mb) giving the 15Mb preference but each time the 15Mb link goes down ,the 45mb also goes. can anyone be of help?

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