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Cisco AnyConnect NAT Traversal

Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:59 pm

I am probably not searching for the right term in the wiki, and I can't find if someone has a good suggestion for what to do.

I have a RouterOS setup with a WAN and LAN port, i have a basic NAT + Filtering setup based off of the many suggestions in the wiki. I'm doing the srcnat = masquerade and then a mix of the two examples of firewall blocking and dropping of known probing/worms. I can attach it if necessary but if you look at the basic wiki entry I really cut/paste what was there for the most part with modification for the name of my interfaces.

I have one computer that attaches to the LAN network that uses the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to connect to the outside VPN. I have no control over the VPN I'm connecting too, and limited control of the settings of the VPN client itself.

When I'm connected via VPN it connects OK, but at a yet to be determined interval my client loses connection, and then reconnects. It only does this when I'm going through the RouterOS device but not if I'm travelling elsewhere so I'm guessing it's a NAT traversal issue.

I saw there are 'NAT Helpers' but it wasn't clear to me if they need any special configuration, or if there is a 'blanket' configuration I can do that enables them dynamically. I'd like to just be able to set a rule that says if it's coming from LAN, do the thing you need to do and not statically assign stuff to the laptop in question.

Hopefully that makes sense and you can point me to the right wiki entry.
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Re: Cisco AnyConnect NAT Traversal

Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:11 pm

I use the AnyConnect client with no issues. You will most likely need to look at the vpn client logs as well as the client config and configured routes(while it is connected) to determine if some of the vpn client settings conflict with your network configuration.

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