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Bandwidth based load balancing

Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:16 pm
by StavrosR
I have just installed a RB2011UAS-2HnD with the following configuration:

2 x ADSL lines (the same speed)
PPPoE connections using bridge mode on the ADSL modems
PCC for load balancing
Only 2 PCs on the internal (private) network

Everything works fine and numerically the connections are distributed evenly on the 2 PPPoE connections, but from what I am figuring out from the statistics of the interface and from this .pdf: ... rkshop.pdf
the PCC is not real-time bandwidth aware.

If I upload 2 videos (that take more than one hour each) from the 2 PCs, everything is fine. If the second one finishes first and I upload a third one (to a different IP) then due to round robin like algorithm of PCC it is send to the other PPPoE interface and the result is one line overloaded and the second with 0% usage.

From what I have read from the Load Balancing workshop the solutions is MPLS with TE. Does anyone know or have an example of how this can be done with 2 or more PPPoE connections?

Thank you,