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certificate installation

Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:23 am

Trying to install A PositiveSSL cert (RB433,435 ROS6.10) for use with Hotspot clients

They've sent me three certs :
1: MyDomain cert,
2: Indermediate cert and
3: CA Root cert

I imported all off them with that order and last I imported my private key using winbox

The support-man told me that the common way is to install
my Domain certificate with the key and then a bundle,
which actually is a file containing the two other certs.
Both installations give the same results as in the image below.
They also give instructions for many web-servers but nothing about MT web Server

Is my setup ok?

I enabled certificate logging and this is the output:

18:20:59 certificate,debug looking for CRLs in cert_1
18:20:59 certificate,debug found CRL:
18:20:59 certificate,debug looking for CRLs in cert_2
18:20:59 certificate,debug found CRL:
18:21:59 certificate,debug start CRL update
18:21:59 certificate,debug updating CRL:
18:22:01 certificate,info got CRL with bad signature
18:22:01 certificate,debug updating CRL:
18:22:02 certificate,info got CRL with bad signature

Since the documentation is obsolete, I would appreciate some help
Thanks in advance
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