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Network config with Static IP and Servers inside

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:59 pm
by EvolutionCall
Hi @ all
I am a totally newbee in Mikrotik and have no experiences in routing...
So i need some serious help!

I want to make a network for my small business and i already got some equipment like:
- 3 Serverblades
- 1 NAS with Raid on it
- 1 Printer
- 1 16-port Gigabit Switch
- 2 Mikrotik routers (1 is a Mikrotik RB2011-LS-IN and the other is a RB 951g)
- 2 different ISP
1 ISP with a static IP and a speed of 15/10 up and down
and the other one with 3 static IP´s with a speed of 50/50 up and down
i have 6 computers for the team
and plus 3 computers inclusive VOIP phones for the Sales Team
and there will be soon more computers with VOIP and more for the Team in a different location.

I want to do this:
highest priority has to be on the phones - they must have connection and bandwidth all the time so i have been thinking of 2 ISP, if one gets down, the other one takes care (fail over and also load balancing) ! - So if someone of the pc users is using the internet for downloads or something like this the speed for the phones has to be stable and always there (something like "mark connection" or "QoS") !
The phones are running on asterisk with lot of extensions inside and outside our office - also on mobile phones
and the asterisk is running on a VM on Server no. 1
this server no. 1 has all in all 10 VM running - each with a different IP address and some of them are reachable only from our LAN, some of them have to be reachable also from the internet.
Now how can i configure these mikrotik routers...?
For example:
on port 6 there comes the ISP 1 with one static ip for example:
on port 7 there comes the ISP 2 with his 3 static ip´s - for example / .300 / .400
my network for example has this ip: 192.168.1.XXX all the pcs with static ip´s and mac-filters in the network
and maybe there has to be also another network with this ip: 10.10.10.XXX - also here all the pc´s with static ip and mac-filters
is it possible to "forward" two of them static ip´s from ISP 2 directly to port 8 and port 9 - so the server can get the static ip direct from there`?
and the third static ip from ISP 2 goes to port 10 where is one of our computer networks (for example 192,168,1,XXX)

I know this is a lot of informations also about my network, but i think it makes it more easy to understand my idea
I also attached a file how i think my network has to be, but also i am open for new/better ideas.

Thank you for your answers - i really really need this

Re: Network config with Static IP and Servers inside

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:28 am
by EvolutionCall
No one any idea?

Re: Network config with Static IP and Servers inside

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:07 pm
by EvolutionCall
still no one any idea??
i cant believe this
is it so hard or do i have any mistakes on my network...???

Re: Network config with Static IP and Servers inside

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:33 am
by kraker

Possible to doing something like that with mikrotik.But every mk coming default config.You can do it by yourself (config) or get some prof. support from mikrotik consultants..