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Configuring for 2 types of users on LAN

Wed Oct 08, 2014 4:26 am

On a new RB1100AHx2 what would be suggested to accomplish the following:

1) One group (group1) of users to be able to see/access any device on the LAN (Wired and Wireless)

2) One group (group2) of users to only have internet access and not be able to see/access other devices on the LAN. (Wired and Wireless)

Group 1 devices are static (desktops/notebooks could use MAC addresses of these devices to assign to group ?)

Group 2 devices (smart phones/notebooks are all random .. like guests)

Internet Modem <--> RB1100AH2X <--> PoE Switchs <-----> Wireless LAN --- Group 1 ( see/access all devices

Wirereless LAN --Group 2 ( Internet Access ONLY

Wired LAN ( would have both groups accessing it. Group 1 Users see/access all devices, Group 2 Users have Internet Access only.

I've added the subnets just thinking they may be needed to get this working.
Thanks for your input.
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Re: Configuring for 2 types of users on LAN

Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:19 pm

Seems like you need MAC based VLAN's. ... Based_VLAN

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