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RB750 VLAN trunk to RB1100AHx2

Sat Oct 18, 2014 11:59 pm


I have two localizations - in first there is fiber link to ISP, main router - RB450G (NAT, SQ, firewall) and part of LAN (few switches), linked with second part of network by ethernet - next few switches. Everythink is on diagram:

I need to replace RB450G by RB1100AHx2 but in first localization isn't enought space, so i have to install it in second part of network. I can't move fiber connection to my ISP to second localization so i need to create VLANs to transmit ISP signal and LAN signal to second localization by existing ethernet connection between localizations. Like on picture:

Could you explain me how to configure VLANs?

My suggestion is:
*on RB750GL
vlan_isp id:100 on port: ether5
vlan_lan id:200 on port: ether5

bridge vlan_isp with ether1
bridge vlan_lan with ether2

*on RB1100AHx2
vlan_isp id:100 on port: ether1
vlan_lan id:200 on port: ether1

on vlan_isp add ip and gateway
vlan_lan bridge with ether2 and other ethernet that are in LAN

Is that correct?
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Re: RB750 VLAN trunk to RB1100AHx2

Sun Oct 19, 2014 2:36 pm

If you're planing to use it as a switch (the RB1100 will do the routing) use the switch chip, configure access ports to each vlan and a trunk to RB1100. Is faster than using bridges. RG450G bridge speed is 0,76Mb

If you mix your ISP VLAN with your inter-swicth link in a trunk you'll have 1Gb-ISP_speed between your switch, good but not the best.

I also think that using a RB1100 as a switch is not a good idea, it has two switch chips and you'll have to put a bridge (cpu hungry) or a wire (less ports) between them. Do you really need 3Mb of routing throughput with only one internal VLAN and a ISP?

I have a similar network with RB951G and a CRS125. The rb951g is small enough to fit in a box with the Cisco 3008, and have enough power (1Gb routing throughput) to deal with the 200/20Mb bandwidth of my ISP, and the rb450g can do the same. The CRS125 has 24 giga ethernet ports in one switch chip, there is no need to use bridges on it (only for the AP if you use it).

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