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VRRP NOT SO BASIC help required

Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:22 am

Recently new to RouterOS and am falling in love with my CCR1036 units .

However I am confusing myself while attempting to setup VRRP in a hot spare type scenario.

Here is what I am trying to achieve :

Wan interface is tagged into vlan 10
Bridge created called WAN-BRIDGE and contains the VLAN10 interface as a PORT

Interface Bond
VLAN on interface bond, VRRP on that.

Here is where I am confusing myself, I think I have the VRRP working fine with the WAN bridge but I am getting confused about what I have to do exactly to achieve an interface bond with a vlan on it that is also VRRP / able to failover to another router.

To complicate things further I am running an OSPF backbone area on this vlan interface that I am using on top of the bond.

I also am confused as to whether my NAT masquerade rules should use the VRRP interface or the Bride interface as it only appears to work with the bridge interface?

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