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New sub-board: Manual corrections?

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:26 pm
by sejtam
Is there (if not, should there be?) a sub-board here to point out errors/omissions/suggestions for the
Wiki Manual, which then can also be discussed?

yes I know it's a Wiki, but if I'm not an expert in a topic I'd rather start a discussion than edit things myself
(apart from the fact that the 'discussion' page of the particular topic is apparently not allowing me to add text either).
(how does one log into the Manual Wiki anyway? is that available for end-users?)

Anyway, this brought this topic up:

The first configuration example with graph under 'Simple Queues'.

The graph clarly shows a router, with ether2 going to switch behind which are 3 PCs in and one server in

The example says:
Add a simple queue rule, which will limit the download traffic to 512kbps and upload to 256kbps for the network, served by the interface Ether2:
and shows the command:
[admin@MikroTik] /queue simple> add name=private target-addresses= max-limit=256K/512K \
and then explains:
In this case statement works right also if we indicate only one of parameters: "target-addresses=" or "interface=", because both of these define where and for which traffic this queue will be implemented.
I think that explanation is wrong. Since the server is in a different subnet, the queue only with BOTH parameters does not effect it.
If the 'target-addresses' parameter was however dropped (and only the interface=ether2 parameter given), then the server would also be affected. So the comment is suggesting equivalence where there is none..

Or am I mssing something?