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L2TP Tunnel ping

Tue May 05, 2015 10:20 am

Hi guys, cam someone help me?
I have RB2011UiAS-RM with started Hotspot function on 5 ports (ports from 6 to 10), these port are placed in Bridge called "Hotspot". I connect to this ports three switches Planet FNSW-1600P and these three switches powered 20 AP (AP's are not MT, because they are from previous supply).
Bridge has IP and started DHCP server, AP's IP are
I have a Internet connection on port 1, but this connection doesn't have access from outsite, therefore I created one L2TP tulnnel to my office MT RB750G with these parameters:
RB750G - IP Route 1

RB 2011 - and add route to route table dst: gw: ( is my office network)
These configuration gives me access to hotspot router (RB2011), but I can't ping AP's (, even through Winbox Ping Tool connected to RB2011. I can ping AP's through Winbox when I am connected by cable directly to RB 2011.

Can someone help me. I need ping AP's to collect information about there status

I have and other problem, need to restrict access from Hotspot network to my office network, but maybe I resolve these problem alone, just need time to test and read :-).
Thank you
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