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CAP 2n and cisco trunk?

Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:38 am

Hi all in here.
Earlier I have made the post: but this is a complete wrong conf  and I rely hope someone can help me out here.
I am running my network on cisco switch and normally I use ap from DLINK where I use 3 WLAN on 3 ssid and it works fine, but now I will try mikrotik CAP 2n instead cuss all other point to point and ccr is mikrotik, and I already got 30 CAP 2n now.
My problem is I can’t get the CAP to work on the network, and I am rely lost 
My cisco port to cap is setup as trunk and allow VLAN 100,200,300 and 999 (999 for black holed)
VLAN 100 for doamin
VLAN 200 for a hotspot server no mikrotik but firstspot
VLAN 300 for mikrotik hotspot I am running for a test from my ccr1036
On my CAP’s I need 3 ssid where 1 is on vlan 100 2 is on vlan 200 and 3 is on vlan 300
Can someone plz help me out here, cuss I try many things and I cant get it to work 
I try yesterday with a conf:
/interface vlan
add name=vlan100-ether1 interface=ether1 vlan-id=100
add name=vlan200-ether1 interface=ether1 vlan-id=200
add name=vlan300-ether1 interface=ether1 vlan-id=300
add name=vlan999-ether1 interface=ether1 vlan-id=999
/interface bridge
add name=bridge-vlan100
add name=bridge-vlan200
add name=bridge-vlan300
add name=bridge-vlan999
/interface bridge port
add bridge=bridge-vlan100 interface=vlan100-ether1
add bridge=bridge-vlan100 interface=vlan100-Wlan1
add bridge=bridge-vlan200 interface=vlan200-ether1
add bridge=bridge-vlan200 interface=vlan200-wlan2
add bridge=bridge-vlan200 interface=vlan300-wlan3
add bridge=bridge-vlan300 interface=vlan300-ether1
Wen I use this my network goes down 
Is there any out there that have an idea?
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Re: CAP 2n and cisco trunk?

Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:51 pm

Is the Problem Solved? Because I have the same Problem.

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