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HWMPplus wired interfaces, still supported?

Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:28 pm


I'm working on my first fully dynamic WDS deployment. I wanted to get a wired-mesh working as a demonstration prior to moving to wds w/ hwmpplus, under the theory that "if i can't get it to work over a wire then it's not going to work over wireless and it'll be twice as complicated to troubleshoot".

I can't seem to get a hwmpplus mesh to form using ethernet interfaces when directly connecting any of these devices:

I've used ROS versions 6.47.4 and 6.46.7

I'm down to as "simple" as I can get it...
- Removed the CRS326 entirely just to avoid potential switch-chip/bridging getting in the way.
- Just an RB4011 and two Audiences
- Started from completely blank configs (reset configuration, no default config).
- Created a mesh with identical names on each of the three devices. Set unique, non-duplicated, non-auto admin-macs on all three mesh instances.
- On both of the Audiences, added ether1 to the mesh.
- On the RB4011, added ether6 and ether7 to the mesh.
- Connected patch cables from the RB4011 ether6 and ether7 to the ether1 ports on both Audiences.

No matter what I do, they never come up in the FDB as neighbors, and any activity I force on those interfaces just shows a temporary Outsider entry, the native ethernet interface MAC on the ethernet port from the other device.

As an additional troubleshooting step, i did attempt this alternative basic config.
Assume starting from the above state...
- Stopped mesh instances.
- removed ethernet ports from the mesh configs on each device.
- created standard bridges on each device with STP disabled.
- added the target ethernet ports into the standard bridges on each device.
- added the bridges as mesh ports on each device.
- reactivated the mesh instances on each device.

No change in status.

Am I missing some core concept or does HWMPplus just not work with wired interfaces anymore?


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