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Fast Path Question

Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:49 pm

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question.

But is it possible to use Fast Path as well as Filters and / or Mangling?

I have a situation that I split traffic based on TCP Port.

Specifically all traffic to a destination IP list using TCP Ports XXXX-YYYY gets a routing mark, which uses some static routes to push the traffic to a specific interface. Everything else just goes to the main routing table.

I also filter some traffic as well, mainly just to block DNS queries from outside the network but allow them from inside the network. But that is not as important if I'd have to get rid of that.

I assume with this sort of configuration would not be able to benefit in any way with configuring fast path?
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Re: Fast Path Question

Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:59 pm

I think you can still use it - for sure on the un-mangled packets. If you do route-marking based on connection marks, then you can fast-track the non-policy connection marks in the mangle table, and you can fast-track the connection-state=established,related packets in the filter table.

So the only time you won't fasttrack a packet is if it's a new connection - ( put the TCP/UDP port filters after the fasttrack rule ) or if the mangle table needs to put a routing mark on the packet.
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