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Area Range Issue

Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:42 am

Hi everybody, I'm trying to configure area range on my ospf network but I'm having some problem.
I'll do that on ABRs (like you can see in image below) to related areas but it seams not work, route were not advertised.

This is the rule I've applyied
/routing ospf area range
add area=area5 range=
This is the screen print
Flags: X - disabled 
 #   AREA                                 RANGE              COST       ADVERTISE
 0   area5                              calculated yes   
The ros Version that I'm using is 6.27 for now.
Someone had same problem, or is it simple a bug :?:
Thanks to all want answer me, sorry for my bad english. :oops:
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Re: Area Range Issue

Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:35 pm

Area ranges only work for "natural" routes in OSPF (inter/intra area routes - NOT external routes), so make sure that your routing table isn't full of external routes - those go plowing right through areas like the Juggernaut.

Secondly - the area range will only be advertised into the backbone area (in your case*), and only if advertise=yes (the default) and if there is at least one route into the area which is a subset of the range itself.

So if you set an area range into area 5, - then at least one route destination inside that range must have a next hop via an interface that's in area 5, or else the ABR won't advertise the summary route.

* an ABR will advertise the summary into every area except the one being summarized... so you could even summarize backbone routes down into areas if you needed to.
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