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Active route in non-main routing table question

Posted: Sun May 01, 2016 9:00 pm
by DSpazman
I have a question. I have added routes in the main routing table using gateway of: address, interface, and ip%interface. Created routed in other routing table for same route but to a different interface.

The routes ( in fact all routes ) in my other routing table show not active.

I assume this is the cause of my problems. I assume they should be showing as active. And so since the traffic gets marked properly, but the routes don't show as active in that table, then the traffic gets dropped.

So my questions are:

What exactly makes a route show as active? Like specifically? Especially a route with a routing mark on it that is not main.

I see some things about vrf. I think that's what I want in this situation. As IPs to the same dest can go out two different interfaces. But every vrf setup shows BGP or OSPF. Are those protocols required for vrf? Or can you do vrf with purely static routes, no dynamic routes?

It's a very complex setup. I don't really want to post all the configs and get into nitty gritty of my specific setup. i more just want to get some deeper understanding how the ROS works in these ways so I can better troubleshoot it myself.

Re: Active route in non-main routing table question

Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 5:49 am
by DSpazman
It was a bug with the ROS.

I had updated to the latest ROS. The routes in the non main tables would not mark as active. Once I deleted them and recreated them with a new route table, everything worked.

Thanks anyways.