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Team cymru bogon BGP peer help

Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:40 pm

our isp uses private ip addresses.However when we login we get a public ip dynamically assigned.I have a static ip as my public ip.I just out of curiosity want to configue a bgp instance and peer with team cymru.I use the private AS65515. As per an email conversation team cymru provided me their ip, ASN and MD5 key.Can some one tell me how I setup BGP peer successfully? FYI when I set up ipv6 tunnel with HE, tunnel does not work if i put my public ip in local address field in my mikrotik router.As soon as I enter that is my private ip assigned by my isp tunnel gets up and running.Looking forward for help.I also want to avoid, and to be treated as bogon.

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