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Router with Bridge Interface Linked to 2 switches

Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:29 am


I have a RB2011 with Ether 1 linked to switch A (port 24), Ether 2 is linked to switch B (port 24). The switches (Cisco) are linked together via Port 23 on each switch).

I have Vlans (10,20,30) on bother ether interfaces in a bridge for each vlan i.e. Bridge10 has vlans 10 from Ether 1 and Ether 2.

Switch A is the root bridge and all the VLAN stuff works fine.

I have turned off STP on the bridge interfaces as I'm letting the Cisco devices do this via rapid-pvst.

The setup is part of a FAT test and traffic flows from the router to switch b via switch a as this is the intended setup. If switch a was to fail, traffic then goes directly to the router via Port 24 on switch B.

Currently, if switch a fails, the convergence takes around 10 seconds and it feels like either the bridge setup or something on the mikrotik is holding things up.

Has anyone got any pointers on what could be causing this and if there's anything I should be looking out for?

I did think about the master port setup for Ether 2 and point this at Ether1 but if switch 1 failed, Ether 1 would be offline and probably effect Ether 2.


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