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IPSEC Symmetric Routing

Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:56 pm

We have an IPSEC VPN tunnel established between two Mikrotik routers.

Site A: (IPSEC Client with client IP addr)
Site B: (IPSEC Server with static IP addr)

From Site A we are able to access all servers in Site B with no problems.

From Site B we are unable to access any servers in Site A.

I believe this is due to a missing route on the Site B router. I tried adding a static route for via the VPN interface, but traceroute report !H no route to host.

I've searched for solutions, but all available information covers different network/device scenarios. Any assistance is much appreciated.
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Re: IPSEC Symmetric Routing

Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:00 pm

I'm a littlebit confused what you trying to achieve and what your setup is. Maybe a config export (export compact hide-sensitive) would be helpful.

If i understand you correctly, you want that site A ( and site B ( can access each other. For that i would use a IPSec Site 2 Site Tunnel. The example in the wiki assume that both site have a static publiecly accessable ip address but there are ways around is. The last point (NAT and Fasttrack Bypass) in the example is very important. If you don't do that, the tunnel will establish but no traffic will travel through it.

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