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VPLS with QinQ breakouts?

Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:02 pm

this might be a tricky one, any food for thought would be appreciated (and consulting offers are welcome too if you know what you're doing).

The scenario goes like this:
there is one QinQ port that is shared between several users of this shared infrastructure.
the s-tags are generated per infrastructure location on the other side of this network and the c-tags are then pointed to individual ports on each location.

so we have s-tags per site and c-tags per port.

now one user A would like to get several ports on site A and several ports on site B onto their transport.
another user B would like to get other ports on Site A and yet another different ports on site B on theirs.

hardware planned are CCRs to have enough power to juggle packets.

one could of course build lots of funny bridges and connect different vlans to those bridges.
but imho it would be very nice to get those different VLANs and sub-VLANs into some VPLS-transport and eject those for users A and B where they are needed.
this setup will probably grow into more than one QinQ shared-infrastructure-port therefore automation (at 4000x4000 VLANs to handle) would be a big plus.

any thoughts are welcome on this,
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Re: VPLS with QinQ breakouts?

Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:12 pm

As a start take a look at this: ... and-s-tag/

Also if you need professional help, we can certainly assist as we design, build and troubleshoot ISP networks all around the world. Visit and go to the contact page or send me a PM.
Global - MikroTik Support & Consulting - English | Francais | Español | Portuguese +1 855-645-7684 ... l-support/

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