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PPPOE BGP redundant

Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:25 pm

Dear forum members

I am working to redundantly run our edge router to the ISP.

routing to the ISP is BGP

only public IP addresses are used within the network.

we connect customers via pppoe to our edge router.

what I want to do now is to request a second fiber connection and connect it to a second router.

Is it possible to run the traffic from router a through router b and vice versa at the moment that one of the fibers fails.

the drawing in the attachment may give a bit more transparency.

I want this because otherwise I do not know how I can ensure that PPPOE clients stay connected if for example the uplink is lost and the router with PPPOE session remains active. PPPOE sessions then remain active according to me and so the client comes as usual to the router but from there no further.

so if router a fails everything has to run and make ppoe sessions via router b.

if the uplink to router a is dead, pppe clients connect to router a and the traffic from router a must be routed accross router b to the internet.

my question is whether this is possible and which protocols I can use best for this.

In addition, it is unclear to me how to deal with fixed IP's and a gateway that can not be accessed as router A terminates.

many many thanks, I have been working on these questions for a while, but I can not figure it out completely.
I hope that I can get some clarity on this forum

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