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qustion about local pref and multi path

Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:42 am

i have a mikrotik ccr with 6 bgp peers, 4 bgp peers is from out ip transit's and i am receiving full routing (bgp) table from them. 2 bgp session is over GRE tunnel. and i am receiving and (for example) from customers that have bgp with me over GRE tunnel. now sometimes and when i restart router or customer do this, then i check my bgp announcements i see the path for that prefixes are from my ip transit providers, for example its as123 as765 as8263 as9264 asDESTINATION so when i have bgp with my customers as path in my annoucnements should be like as123 (AS123 is for my customers) , so now my question is that if i want tell router that prefer the routes for and from customer than my ip transits i should set highest local pref than my transits? so in this way i receive routes from my customer by bgp then announce it to my upstreams without problems.

THank you.

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