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Acceptable ip's between different network

Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:10 pm

Dear All

I have my diagram in attached file

What I need is :
I have a network on a main company site and I'm blocked the YouTube in this network

In another company branch, I did an EoiP tunnel with the main company and I received by ip dhcp clint, so this ip is already YouTube blocked
After that I have a different DHCP and this network is masqueraded with

So my question is, how to pass a client using the second network example from YouTube blocking

Sorry for my bad English and thanks you
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Re: Acceptable ip's between different network

Wed Feb 27, 2019 2:11 pm

I'm sorry, but the description of your problem and the network diagram doesn't makes sense. Correct me if I am wrong, this is how I deciphered it:

The Problem
The network currently has content filtering in place, preventing access to YouTube. Network does not have any content filtering in place. You have established an EoIP tunnel between the two sites, and wish to route any traffic destined for YouTube over this EoIP tunnel from the network to the network.

The DHCP server on the has given the end of the tunnel a DHCP address of So, any external traffic being routed over the EoIP tunnel is being masqueraded with that .50 address.

You want to know how to allow traffic from the network to access YouTube over the EoIP tunnel.

The Solutions
I say solutions because there are a few ways to achieve this.
  • Remove the endpoint IPs from the tunnel, bridge the ends with their respective LANs, so the tunnel acts as a bridge. This will however cause both sites to become one network, sharing the same resources, and all traffic from the remote site to be routed to the local site, and out to the internet.
  • Determine which IPs are being used by YouTube (which is near enough impossible, given the number of public IPs they use). You could look at the Hurricane Electric BGP Toolkit to see what IPs Google are announcing for their YouTube service and then route these IP prefixes over the tunnel so they egress via the gateway.
  • If the MT router is the gateway on the side which is filtering YouTube, go through the configs and see what is blocking it. Might help to start off with the logs.
  • If there is a legitimate need to access YouTube, instead of just wanting to watch videos at work, talk to the IT dept and see if they can whitelist the domain for specific IPs.
There may be a few other ways, but these are the four that stand out the most.

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