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Duplicate VPLS Local Labels

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:19 pm
by BBrown4IP
I have two VPLS links from my Core Router to two unique remote sites. These two links display identical Remote Lables on the Core router when I observe their link properties. Additionally, the links do not appear to be fully stable during the interface monitoring (blinking on-and-off with some regularity) but there does not seem to be a loss of traffic among the sites.

1. I know that the remote sites define their own Local Label inside the MPLS service but does this random duplication have an adverse effect on the operation of the terminating (Core) end?

2. Is the identical Remote Label on the two routers causing an issue on the Core?

3. If a change is necessary, how can the Local Label be modified on one of routers?

Thanks for your assistance.