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BGP Filter Cisco/Mikrotik

Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:55 pm


I am seeking your help to migrate a Cisco installation to Mikrotik.

I installed a CCR1072, configured 3 sessions BGP Full Table that have mounted well, now I'm just trying to put the right filters but reading the doc I have trouble understanding.

I have two sessions that go to my routes servers, no worries at first sight and no filters.

I have a session with my provider and I have to put two filters:
in output, I want to announce only two things:
The prefixes own my AS but also all the prefixes that are tagged bgp communauty "500" or "65500: 500" but I can not.

in input I just want to add the community 65500: 400 to all the prefixes received from my suppliers and also forbid him to tell me the ranges RFC1918

someone has already done this?
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Re: BGP Filter Cisco/Mikrotik

Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:45 pm

Short answer to a long explanation is that yes you can filter on Cisco and Mikrotik and share communities between them. I would reference the following from the mikrotik manual: ... ng_filters

This walks you through the various attributes you can change on updates received or transmitted

In Cisco, look into route-map configurations and prefix-lists to filter or modify bgp attributes
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