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'Mesh' Network MPLS design

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:50 am
by joegoldman
Hi Forum,

Running a decentralised mesh style network, where we have 10-20 sites interconnected via PtP links in big and small loops. Each site terminates PPPoE services locally and installs the customer route in the route table via OSPF - this is working well so far.

However I have been thinking of moving this to an MPLS network, with OSPF just for router loopbacks etc.

Reason one being - we have multiple transit links - and they are delivered into the network at different points. I'd like to be able to flag customers needing to use transit 1 so all their traffic heads to the transit 1 router, then same for transit 2 etc etc. At the moment if we want to achieve this we need to have mangle rules at each router in the path to basically do a lookup in a mangle rule and change their next-hop, so lots of management overhead.

Reason two being, we are starting to get customers who want a 'VPN' style service where all their connections are dropped into a broadcast domain where they can talk their own routing protocol site to site. Fairly standard setup and at the moment we are just achieving with bridging their PPPoE into tunnels but this comes with a lot of management overhead. I'd like to be able to 'flag' PPP services to push them into a predefined 'private' VPLS or similar so no matter what router the ppp establishes on etc it just happens automagically.

Looking for best practise examples of achieving this without having heaps of management overhead, i.e. logging into every router to make small changes all the time. Is this where BGP signalled VPLS comes in handy? How would you set up such a network.