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Problem with a VPN Server Router behind Mikrotik

Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:13 pm


I'm a new Mikrotik user. I have a problem with a VPN server on a router behind my Mikrotik. It's a PPTP VPN. The Mikrotik is the router that has the PPPoE protocol for Internet connection and the VPN Server router is on the LAN interface. I have opened the TCP/UDP port 1723 to the IP of the VPN server router and GRE protocol (47) to the same IP in NAT and allowed the access of connections through port 1723 and GRE protocol in the filtering rules. The configuration I have applied is this:

/ip firewall filter
add action=accept chain=input comment="ACEPTO CONEXIONES VPN" dst-port=1723 protocol=tcp
add action=accept chain=input dst-port=1723 protocol=udp
add action=accept chain=forward comment="PROTOCOLO GRE" protocol=gre
/ip firewall nat
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat dst-port=1723 protocol=tcp to-addresses= to-ports=1723
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat dst-port=1723 protocol=udp to-addresses= to-ports=1723
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat protocol=gre to-addresses=
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat dst-port=47 protocol=tcp to-addresses= to-ports=47
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat dst-port=47 protocol=udp to-addresses= to-ports=47

I think the last two lines were not necessary but the connection to the router of the VPN server does not work even if I remove these lines.

Can someone help me with the setup? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

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