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Propagate default only if upstream session is UP

Wed Mar 25, 2020 4:28 am

Hi, i have the following setup:
---------------assorted peerings------->
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>>RouterCore----> {rest of network}.
---------------assorted peerings------->

In order for Rcore not to have to deal with two full tables (and different requirements by X and Y providers), the border routers(A and B) deal with external sessions, pass-trough some hand-selected and peering routes via internal BGP sessions with Rcore, and (the plan was for it to pass-on the defaults ONLY if the upstream sessions were running.)

trouble is, default is only sent from A and B if i select "always generate" in the sessions with Rcore
i have tried "only if installed", which i'm under the impression that should do just what i want, but the routes are never sent to Rcore.

is it broken?, are there any special considerations when using "only if installed" as the default-originate policy?
are there workarounds?

all routers running tile-6.46

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