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OSPF configuration rules

Fri May 22, 2020 9:55 pm

Hi all,
I have a small network running ospf, but I need to optimize the configuration cause of a lot of messages in logs. I'm not sure on how to correctly configure all routers.
You can find attached a picture showing a simplified layout of my network. Actually I run "broadcast" OSPF on routers R1, R2, R3, and CHR server and it works.
I know that using wireless link, the best ospf network type is NBMA, so I have to choose wich routes will become DR, add NBMA neighbors manually and set the router priority.
Now my questions are:
1) probably R1 is the only candidate to be DR because is the only one that is connected to each others. Is it right?
2) Is it correct to exclude the wireless ptp devices from routers running ospf if I set static route rules into them?
3) working for example on R1, I have to add in the nbma neighbors list, the addresses of routers R2 and R3 (not W1M, W2M, W3M)
4) since I have a redundant link between R1 and R3 I have to add R3 twice on nbma neighbors list?
5) if R1 is the designated router, all its neighnors should have priority 0
6) When I add the intefaces in ospf of R1, the priority and network type are referred to the link to devices W1M, W2M, W3M, directly connected to it, or are referred to its neighbors R2 and R3?

Thank you for your support
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