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BGP + VRRP oddness

Fri Aug 28, 2020 4:34 am

Hello, Hoping this is the most suitable section.

I have recently started playing with CHR and have two Proxmox servers, with four NICs. The setup is identical.

ether1 is dedicated solely for the CHR machine on the host and has a native IP connection with our upstream BGP transit.
ether2 is a machine to machine bridge setup on the Proxmox host for the VRRP gateways and other public IPs to set so they are reachable.
(along the same real ethernet cable there is a VLAN for CHR to CHR BGP session/IRB)

I have setup OSPF/v3 to use the IRB to learn routes.

(This setup is near identical to two Juniper SRXs that it replaces, just with the absense of hardware devices and a real switch, although the bridge achives the same outcome)

This seems to work just fine until say the feed that being used drops, some hosts continue to work but others not so. Even when that feed comes back they are not reachable until the second feed is downed and brought up again.

The "down" hosts (from external) are always pingable from each CHR throughout.

I'm at a loss now as to what I can try and find the cause, or resolve it.

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