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MPLS - BGP - Radio Enlace (MTU)

Wed Nov 11, 2020 2:41 am

Greetings to the whole community.

I have some doubts that are detailed below, if you can help me to absolve you or more detailed documentation, I thank you in advance:

- When working with MPLS at the Radio Links level, what MTU value should be configured in the interfaces that connect the ROUTER P or PE that make up the MPLS.
- What size of MTU should the Radio Links have configured, regardless of the brand or any specific value with a special brand.
- Currently I use bonding between radios and in the sections I have Down / Up 280/250 (link 1), 350/290 (link 2) and 490/400 Mbps, but in Download and Upload from the end user it only reaches Down / UP 80/45 Mbps, taking into account that I have a link from the main router to the ISP of 500Mbps (1: 1)
- Attached topology by hand so that you have a better idea of the solution.

Sorry but I do not speak English
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