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IPv6 summarize prefix - BGP multihomed

Thu Nov 26, 2020 10:08 pm

Hello, I'm connected with 2 providers and to an IXP using my own AS and IP addresses (IPv4 & IPv6). Those connections with my AS are in three different routers located in 3 differents sites.

My providers only accept from me in IPv6 an advertise /32. But insides my network I would like to assign to each Node a /48.

Sometime I tried in IPv4 to aggregate two /25 to advertise a /24 and the result was awful, i got all my network without Internet and i never tried it again.

What would be the correct way to do it? In the last try, i advertised in my nodes smaller prefix and in the AS Border Router i advertised the whole prefix. Always using /routing bgp aggregates.

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