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Inject default route from OSPF into VRF

Sun Dec 06, 2020 7:36 pm

I'm doing a lab in GNS3 where I want to try out a shared Internet VRF for customers inside my network. I have it all working, but at the moment my default route that I have installed in my Internet PE router is a static route. As I have two edge routers with full eBGP tables I would like to inject the default route into my shared Internet VRF dynamically. In case one of them goes down the trafic should take the other route. With a static route both routes are still up. Or if I want to add a third transit or move one of them, I don't want to reconfigure all static routes. Is this even possible?

This is an image of my edge routers and the Internet PE router
Shared VRF default route.PNG
In Internet PE router I get the default route via OSPF and it installs as an ECMP default route. But I cant get it to inject into the VRF from the main table. Instead I use a static route for the VRF like this:
/ip route
add dst-address= distance=1 gateway=, \

Is there any way I can do this without having to have this static route?
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