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Local ISP FTTH advice

Mon Dec 07, 2020 3:04 pm

Hi there,
I am here to ask you for opinion based on previous
experience regarding local ISP, i am not asking how to configure or something similar... There will be project for local regions, only internet access for now (one of the region is the owner of the project).
What I know for now there will be no BGP, no AS, no provider independent IP adressess, only /28 or maybe /27 public IPs from upstream provider (national telco), residential customers only, ftth to each customer (max number of customer is 3000).

What are your thougts? Only solution is CGNAT but I am afraid of ports consuption. There will be 4 region, with maybe 10 POPs, each POPs customers natted to one oublic IP address? Or more granualar if they gave us /27 block? Each POPs natting via 2 oublic IP adeessess?
All IPs in core and for customer will be in range of cgnat (, what about management and connecting CPE; p2p for each customer ( that is 3000 networks in routing table for 3000 customers).
Ospf will be routing protocol.
I also tested in the lab additiinal things VRF/iBGP (route reflector), and MPLS and it works in the lab but it can be done without that complexity?

I have few months for testing from now so there is option that ros v7 will be stable in that time 😀, and my goal is to use crs 317 with l3 hw offload in POPs and CRS328-4C-20S-4S+RM for aggregate fiber from customers.
For wan one or two ccr routers, fw, nat, etc.


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