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Reservation BGP Public network and OSPF default route

Thu Jan 07, 2021 10:48 am

Hi everyone! I am trying to make a reservation of my public network between two different ISPs by BGP and make reservation of default route in OSPF

I have build a lab on Miktrotik CHR to test a reservation. I have two edge routers - each of them connected to different ISP and announce one public network with different bgp prepend

I see my public network from two ISPs from BGP router which called as a "World" and routers EDGE1 and EDGE 2 recieve default route by bgp from their ISPs and redistribute that default route to local OSPF network but i faced with one problem - when i disable a BGP session on EDGE1 router a default route dont move on EDGE2 router and continues to stay on router EDGE 1 in spite on that fact that i enable in OSPF instance to originate default route if it installed as type 1 on both routers!

Here the screenshot of the topology. i have built this lab in the EVE ng emulation environment
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