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VPN Client Isolation from one another

Sat Jan 23, 2021 12:49 am

Hello Guys

I have a large scale VPN based network :
VPN Server (Mikrotik)> VPNClinetA(Mikrotik ) > VPNClientNetworkA(
VPN Server (Mikrotik)> CustomerVPNClientA(SomeVPN Client software Ex Win10)

VPN Server (Mikrotik)> VPNClinetB(Mikrotik ) > VPNClientNetworkB(
VPN Server (Mikrotik)> CustomerVPNClientB(SomeVPN Client software Ex Win10

I want to isolate remote users from one another, something like this : in the above example "CustomerVPNClientA" should have NO access to the "VPNClientNetworkB(" network.
Since this is a large scale network writing over 5k Filter rule in firewall is not an option.
Any suggestions?

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