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BGP-Prefix anncouning problem

Sun Feb 07, 2021 4:16 pm


have a problem here with anncouning a prefix via BGP.
Another AS is attached to my public AS. From there I am currently receiving a /24 prefix. But it can also be a different one on the total of /22 large. So I set a filter with

action=accept chain=bgp-out prefix= \

to inconning on the BGP session to the AS behind it. The same on he outgoing since from my AS in the public internet. Unfortunately, the "Lookingglass" on the Internet always show that I propagate the full /22, which is never the case.

Does anyone have a solution as to how the filter on the BGP Out must look that I do not care whether /24 or /22, which is always passed on exactly that way?

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Re: BGP-Prefix anncouning problem

Mon Feb 08, 2021 12:09 am

We would need to see an export of your /routing bgp and /routing filters to start to help.

Are you using summary routes?
BGP Networks tab?

Does the /22 exist in your route table?
Does the /24 exist in your route table?

If the /24 is learned by other BGP, does your instance have redistribute other BGP enabled?

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