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MPLS - problem with multiple TE tunnels

Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:38 am

I have a MPLS network of 4 nodes, as in the attached picture.
The maximum bandwidth I configured on my links is 3500000Bps in the link between nodes 83 and 84. On all the other ones it is 2500000. Now I set up a TE tunnel between nodes 84 and 86 with reserved bw=1250000 and it goes up right.
If I disable the link between 83 and 86 the path is recalculated through nodes 84-83-85-86 as expected.
Now I try to set up a second TE tunnel between the same pair of nodes (84 - 86) with reserved bw=1300000 (the link 83 to 86 is up again). What I'd like to see is that because of the lack of bandwidth on the link between 83 and 86, RSVP computes the path 84-83-85-86. What I see is that the 2nd tunnel status remains "on-hold".
If I sniff traffic between 84 and 83 I see RSVP path error messages saying "Requested bandwidth unavailable" and "Error node =".
I verified that in all the nodes the bandwidth is configured in the right way, but I haven't any idea about the cause of this problem.
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Re: MPLS - problem with multiple TE tunnels

Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:47 pm

Most likely this is caused by bug in how CSPF interprets remaining bandwidth values in OSPF TE LSAs. This is going to be fixed in next version. Thanks for your report anyway.

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