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BGP based VPLS - wiki uses unavailable syntax

Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:57 pm

I tried to configure a bgp based VPLS instance based on:

When you get to the instructions for actually instantiating the service the page gives the example:
[admin@R1] /interface vpls bgp-vpls> add bridge=A bridge-horizon=1 route-distinguisher=1:1 site-id=1 vpls-id=100:1 [admin@R1] /interface vpls bgp-vpls> add bridge=B bridge-horizon=1 route-distinguisher=2:2 site-id=1 vpls-id=100:2 
The "vpls-id" statement though is not an option in RouterOS 3.23+. From my router:
[admin@A] > /interface vpls bgp-vpls set customer1 ?
Change properties of one or several items.

<numbers> -- List of item numbers
bridge -- 
bridge-cost -- 
bridge-horizon -- 
comment -- Set comment for items
disabled -- 
export-route-targets -- 
import-route-targets -- 
name -- Interface name
route-distinguisher -- 
site-id -- 
Without this option the VPLS will not come up. Is there another way to configure this service or is it just broken in the current release?

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Re: BGP based VPLS - wiki uses unavailable syntax

Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:01 pm

This particular page is a little out of date. 'vpls-id' got replaced with separate import/export-route-targets to provide more flexibility and to make MT VPLS implementation more similar to other vendors. Instead of specifying vpls-id=1:2 you now specify both - mport-route-targets=1:2 and export-route-targets=1:2.

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