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x86-4.2 leak memory and crashed when getting fullview BGP

Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:20 pm

3gz, 1 Gb ram, version 4.2. I have 2 peers for announce my AS with isp 1 and isp 2 with deny in filter. When starting downloading routing table( aprx. 300 000) from any isp via my established peer(by changing in filter rules), the memory leaking from 950 mb to 200 mb, 100% load still after downloaded. Router freezing and need for reboot.

for expamle..the same configuration.... a long time i had multihop peer for getting full view. it used 150 mb of memory..300 000 routes was loaded but did't working because routing table has wrong gate(unreachable)(gate=address of remote peer)...
working stable)

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