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[help] Mesh, OSPF, MPLS, BGP-VPLS problem

Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:35 pm

I'm trying to do next MPLS setup:
3 routers connected in one mesh network
1 router connected to this mesh ring with OSPF
MPLS over LDP running everywhere.
BGP-VPLS tunnels between ports

mesh routing in the ring works fine.
OSPF routing between mesh ring and separate router = works (can ping and trace all nodes from every network)
BGP rout reflector for automatic tunnel creation between same VPLS IDs.
bgp-vpls tunnels setting up and tunnels working inside mesh network

But problem is that tunnel is not working between separate router and router inside mesh network.
You can see sheme on drawing i've attached to post. BGP-VPLS tunnels is going up, but second end of vpls tunnel in mesh network can't acquire Transport nexthope for tunnel.

Same thing happens when setting up static LDP VPLS.... tunnel end which resides in mesh network can't acquire Transport nexthope for other end of tunnel on external router.

external router can see all router to every end of tunnels and getting "transport nexthopes" for all tunnels.but internal mesh ends of vpls tunnels can't see tranport nexthopes for external end of tunnel.

I can't understand problem. Something not givving this nexthope to vpls. don't know if it's mpls labeling or ospf transport for mpls problem.

Please any idea or bit of theory regarding this problem should help me
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