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OSPF Failover in a complex network

Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:20 pm

Hello everyone,

I am having some troubles configuring a network using OSPF and failover in my network. The picture attached bellow show the exact configuration of my network (in this picture I am using fake IPs):

ImageUploaded with

The problem occur when I turn OSPFd on, in both CACHEs (01 and 02) and, for sure, the AUTH will have 2 different gateways. The CLIENTE machine now start to drop packets from it to ROUTER. When I turn off OSPFd on CACHE.01 or CACHE.02, putting AUTHs with just 1 gateway, the network work fine.

I tried different options using NBMA networks between CACHEs and AUTHs but no luck with that.

I made a test and I set everything using just Mikrotik RoS v5.4 and it worked fine (in my lab).

I am pretty sure that the problem is somewhere between the Linux (CentOS v5.4)/Quagga and Vyatta interfaces, but I can’t find where is it.

I got a tip about rp_filter on linux box and I disabled this option on my both CACHEs and in my Vyatta router with no luck at all. Is that possible to disable rp_filter (Reverse Path Filtering) on Mikrotik?

Can someone help me with that?

Best regards,

Nataniel Klug

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