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MPLS binding filtering problem. VPLS going down

Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:18 am

I've problems with mpls binding filtering
Simple example:
Two MPLS VPLS routers, and BGP route reflector outside MPLS network (OSPF reachable ofcourse)

Net1 Net2
(BGP RR) <====> (R1 <---> R2)

MPLS netwrok is only between R1 and R2 with separate network.
BGPrr is connected via ospf

When i'm putting advertise filter on MPLS routers especially on R1 i'm loosing my VPLS tunnel (on R2 it stops running)
R1vpls = DRB, R2vpls = DB (and not runnng)

Whats wrong
I'm sure it was working before! I don't want MPLS routers to advertise non-MPLS destinations.

tested on rod 5.5, and ros 5.6 advertise no advertise non MPLS network with BGPrr

Not loosing MPLS neighbors, Not loosing OSPF neighbors, not loosing ospf routes. after filter applied binding tables on R1 R2 contain only MPLS network bindings.

Please help

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