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VRRP on mesh network

Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:11 am

I'm setting up a network where multiple paths will exist accross network and multiple egress points will exist from network to world.
Network is designed such that client network will allow a host to roam extent of network on initial issued IP address. So there is a possibility that client gateway could become unavailable.
I've considered VRRP as solution to this potential problem.
I have current test network 5 routerboards transporting hwmp on 5GHZ and having client access at 2.4GHz, I am working on this network now as I type this message.
My test network does not have multiple egress points for a good test, but I am running vrrp interface on mesh (portal) bridge that connects to Internet and is working OK.
Question, has anyone done this (multiple vrrp interface on mesh network? Am I following a best practice documentation is very limited on these subjects. Please share some thoughts and ideas on this, also if there is any knowledge of how HWMP scales to large networks.
Thanks and best regards

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