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MPLS over L3 Wifi Link

Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:48 pm

Is it possible to divide WiFi link on L3 segment an get working MPLS/VPLS tunnels ?

Two MPLS/VPLS routers connected to each other by WiFi link.
while link is transparent bridge vpls between routers working OK, traffic goes through VPLS.

But i need to have another network on one end of MPLS network
so when i'mdoing wifi setup on station without bridge, putting IP address on wifi and ether interfaces, adding them to ospf, enabling mpls on them. VPLS stops working.
On routers it's showing that VPLS is UP and running but it can't carry traffic anymore.

scenarios i have tried : WDS = on/off. devide network on station side, devide network on AP side, devide network on both AP/ST creating 3 different networks. in all cases except transparent bridge, VPLS status = "running" but traffic not moving throygh this VPLS/link.

How it's possible to have L3 network on wifi link and functional VPLS/MPLS?

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