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IPv6 routes not withdrawn from BGP/OSPFv3

Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:20 am

Hi All,

A quick "bump" for a problem which I have been experiencing for a year now.

I have RouterOS v5.12 running as a PPPoE concentrator (on x86 and RB1100) with RADIUS authentication.
PPPoE clients are assigned IPv4 and IPv6 networks using the Framed-Route and Framed-IPv6-Prefix RADIUS attributes respectively.

IPv4 and IPv6 routes to PPPoE clients are correctly distributed to BGP peers, although IPv6 routes remain advertised through BGP even after the PPPoE link is destroyed.

'/routing bgp advertisement' continues to display the ipv6 routes, although the same routes are not shown in '/ipv6 route print'

The same behaviour is present when OSPFv3 is used instead of BGP.

I was advised by Mikrotik in January 2011 that this was a known, reproducible problem that would be fixed "in the new routing package, which is under development".

I wonder if there has been any development on this or any updated release date for the new routing package?
I think this is a serious barrier to the deployment of IPv6.


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Re: IPv6 routes not withdrawn from BGP/OSPFv3

Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:28 pm

Any update on this ?

Tested on 5.22 and it is still there.

On a radius profile using Framed-IPv6-Prefix := 2aaa:9c41:ffff:90::/64
The route is inserted correctly when the pppoe client connects but when it disconnects the route remains in OSPFv3.

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