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Static IP Routing

Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:58 am


i´m a little bit new in ISPs Business
in the past i uses MLPPP over ADSL and SDSL with static IP-Aadresses on the PPPoE Connections.
No problem to assign Static-IP to Client uses Radius.

But from know on i uses my own System to bundle my Connections.
I hosted a RB1200 in Datacenter, and build EOIP Tunnels to them and uses Bonding-Interface.
The only thing I'm not able to todo is routing static IP to my Client.
I standing at the wall don't seeing the hole.
Provider gives my on hosted Routerboard.


DSL------!.-.-.- PPPoE Connections to ISP (Routerboard 1100)User Manager and PPPoE Server -.-.-.- PPPoE to Clients
---------! with Static IP addresses

RB1200 at Datacenter -------------Multiple DSL Lines---RB1100------PPPoE to CLients
Bonding Interface has ist Gateway (ISP)

On Datacenter side i bridged Eth1 and the Logical Interface Bonding together. On my side i assign the IP to my RB1100 and it available from the Internet.
DOing NAT to the Bonding Interface works great.
If i bridge Bonding Interface and PPPoE Serveron my side problems start.
if got much problems with PMTU Blackhole.
is there an another way to do this?

thanks for help


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