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trunk for vlans trough a wireless bridge

Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:47 pm

How do I create a trunk port using vlans across my mikrotik network? I want to create a VLan port where the packets are tagged when ingress and untaged when regress to the main link, but I want to create one VLan for each citie, the goal is separate the broadcast of each citie where I provide internet access.
How do I create a trunk and broadcast the traffic trought my bridge. When I use a switch I know what to do but mikrotik is giving me a huge headache about VLans. Anyone can help me out to set up this.

__________City A rb 1100 _____________________________rb 750g________________________________________rb750g
(Internet link) VLan1, Vlan2-------(PTP rocket m5 wds)--------City B---------(another PTP rocket m5)-----------City C

My network is all based on mikrotik, I don't have any switches in it.

best regards.
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Re: trunk for vlans trough a wireless bridge

Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:34 am


Its such easy to do.. this project..!!


let say the interface that connected to the Rocket is ether1
and ether2 for City B and ether3 for City C


need to Create to vlans on ether1 as its will be trunk port:

/interface vlan add name=vlan1 vlan-id=1 interface=ether1
/interface vlan add name=vlan2 vlan-id=2 interface=ether1

add bridge for vlan

/interface bridge add name=bridge_cityB
/interface bridge add name=bridge_cityC

and vlan and ether2 ,3 to bridge

/interface bridge port add interface=ether2 bridge=bridge_cityB
/interface bridge port add interface=vlan1 bridge=bridge_cityB

/interface bridge port add interface=ether3 bridge=bridge_cityC
/interface bridge port add interface=vlan2 bridge=bridge_cityC

RB 750G on City B

ether1 connected to rocket from CityA
ether2 connected to rocket from CityC
ether5 connected to CityB

/interface Bridge add name=bridge_trunk

/interface bridge port add interface=ether1 bridge=bridge_trunk
/interface bridge port add interface=ether2 bridge=bridge_trunk

/interface vlan add name=vlan1 vlan-id=1 interface=bridge_trunk

/interface bridge add name=bridge_CityB

/interface bridge port add interface=ether5 bridge=bridge_CityB
/interface bridge port add interface=vlan1 bridge=bridge_CityB

RB 750G on City C

ether1 connected to rocket from CityB
ether5 connected to CityC

/interface vlan add name=vlan2 vlan-id=2 interface=ether1

/interface bridge add name=bridge_CityC

/interface bridge port add interface=ether5 bridge=bridge_CityC
/interface bridge port add interface=vlan2 bridge=bridge_CityC


waiting your feed back

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